The Trip So Far

Earlier this week, the latest post in our series, “Canada’s First World War: A Centennial Series on” went up. It’s by Jonathan Weier, one of my fellow co-editors for the series. It’s called “On ‘The Road to 2017’: Reflecting on Canada’s First World War Commemoration Plans,” and you can check it out here.

The piece picks up on issues Weier wrote about in a post for last year that prompted me to think more seriously about commemorating the First World War. This more serious thinking led me to write “Memory at 100: The First World War Centennial and the Question of Commemoration,” for (which you can find here), and helped spark the series we eventually launched on

I’ll write more about the series, but will be ending this post about now. To mark the moment, I suggest reflecting on the David Malki ! comic about ending digital communications that I read today on his Wondermark site (

  • David Malki !, “The Modern Period,” 28 April 2015, Wondermark, e-comic #1120 at


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